The wheat mill

The wheat mill has a grinding capacity of 200 tons / day; the mill has a Buhler grinder line.

The mill produces two varieties of flour simultaneously, being able to produce all types of flour, respectively white flour type 480, 550, 650, semi-white flour type 800, intermediate flour type 1250, black flour type 1350, wholemeal flour type 1750, semolina wheat, wheat germ, food bran and fodder bran.

The mill also includes a line for obtaining barley that can be packed directly in 1 kg polypropylene bags or packed in 50 kg bags.

The wheat mill is equipped with a flour packing plant for paper bags of 1 kg, with a packing capacity of 2400 kg / hour.

The wheat mill is also provided with two installations for packing flour in bags (25-50kg / hour), each with a packaging capacity of 6 tons / hour.

The flour obtained in the wheat mill is delivered to bakery, pastry and confectionery units throughout the country.

The mill has:

Automated command and control of the technological flow;

High reliability and productivity of technological equipment;

Ensuring the conditions imposed by food safety throughout the technological process;

Superior recovery of the raw material due to the high degree of extraction