The corn mill

Degerminated corn mill has a grinding capacity of 200 tons / day; The mill is equipped with the latest generation equipment from Buhler – Germany.

MThe mill simultaneously produces two varieties of corn, respectively superior corn and extra corn, by-products: corn flour and fodder corn.

The corn mill is equipped with a 1 kg and 0.5 kg bag packing plant, with a packing capacity of 2400 kg per hour.

The corn mill is also provided with a bag packing installation (25-50 kg / bag), with a packing capacity of 15 tons / hour.

The warehouse and the packing room are equipped with all the necessary equipment for packaging, labeling, marking, automatic ordering and packing, automatic palletizing and wrapping robot.

The corn mill has:

Automated command and control of the technological flow;

Reliability, high productivity, degermination clearly superior to the competition.

Ensuring hygienic-sanitary conditions and food safety throughout the technological process;