The company recognizes the importance of a safe and stable business environment and will make every effort to contribute to the achievement of such an objective.

The company recognizes the importance of a healthy environment and will take all necessary measures to eliminate the harmful effects of its activities on the environmental community or on natural resources, respecting all the norms and standards in force regarding environmental protection.

For this, the company is constantly looking for measures to limit the loss or unjustified consumption of water, energy or other resources or materials, their maintenance in optimal working order, conservation, recycling and reuse of materials.

The company recognizes the importance of quality and safety of the work environment in terms of ensuring a high moral level of workers, with an impact on increasing the quality of products and services.

Workers will be provided with work spaces equipped with all the equipment and utilities necessary for their use in full safety.

Workers will receive medical assistance and other appropriate services.

All employees will be provided with equal opportunities in terms of recruitment, pay, access to training, working conditions, discipline.

The use of forced or compulsory labor in all its forms is prohibited.

In terms of content, the Code of Conduct refers to compliance with the law, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, prohibition of discrimination, wages, working hours, health and safety at work, prohibition of child labor, prohibition of forced labor and disciplinary measures, environmental and security interests, as well as the management system.