SC Combavipor SA Galati, is a company with a tradition on the market of combined feed producers, used in poultry and animal feed, being one of the largest and oldest factories in the country.

Fabrica de Nutreturi Combinate (former name) 1972 – the feed manufacturing company called FNC Galati is born

1991 – FNC Galati changes its name to SC Combavipor SA and is registered at the Trade Register of Galati – joint stock company.

1994 –  by merging with 5 more units from Galati and Braila counties, respectively with GALCO Galati, COMSUIN 1 Braila, COMSUIN 2 Braila and I.M. Braila was formed SC BRAIGAL SA.

1999 – through the division of SC Braigal SA, Combavipor is transformed into a joint stock company with independent status, having the same object of activity

2003 – the privatization of the company takes place – 100% Romanian capital.

2006 the company acquires a wheat mill which later changes its profile, transforming it into a modern corn mill with a grinding capacity of 200 tons of corn / day.

2007 – submits a project for which it receives SAPARD funding.

Through this project, all storage and production spaces were rehabilitated according to European requirements, the grain silo was refurbished, the corn mill was refurbished, the factory laboratory was equipped and equipped with modern equipment to perform the necessary laboratory analyzes in the grain silo. for establishing the quality indices for the raw material from the corn mill and for the wheat mill as well as for the resulting finished products.

The car park was also renewed, with the purchase of TIR trucks and semi-trailers for the transport of bulk grain, for the transport of general goods and tanks for the transport of finished products (corn, wheat flour or compound feed) in bulk.

Also in this investment, the finished products warehouse was refurbished with packaging, automatic and wrapped palletizing installations as well as electro and forklifts for the operations of handling, loading and unloading the palletized goods.

    All these investments have led to the facilitation of the employees’ work, to the efficiency of the activity, the increase of the quality, the decrease of the costs and the operability of the deliveries.

2007, the company purchased a grain silo with a capacity of 44,000 tons in Bascov, Arges County

2010 – acquires and puts into operation a second installation of granulated and crushed fodder combined with a capacity of 5 tons / hour.

2013- takes over the wheat mill with a grinding capacity of 200 tons / day

The company has grain silos with the following storage and location capacities as follows:

Cereal silo in Galati with a capacity of 12000 tons

Cereal silo in Bascov Arges county with a capacity of44.000 tons

Cereal silo In Aninoasa Dambovita county with a capacity of 44.000 tons

The company has its own transport fleet with TIR trucks

– silo truck (tanks) for transporting flour and corn

– dump trucks for transporting grain

– general goods transport semi-trailers

– trucks with a capacity of 3-7 tons

The company has:

– Wheat mill  with a capacity of 200 tons / 24 hours equipped with Buhler equipment and technology – Germany

  – Degermination corn mill with a grinding capacity of 200 tons / 24 hours, equipped with the latest equipment and technology Buhler – Germany, making the following products: extra corn, top corn, corn flour and feed corn. Packing line in bags it has a capacity of 12.5 tons / hour and in bags of 1 kg with a capacity of 2.4 tons / hour.

“Your safety is our concern”

FNC – combined feed factory with a capacity of 400 tons/24 hours

Feed granulation plant  with a capacity of 100 tons/24 hours

installation of bran briquettes with a capacity 50 tons/ 24 hours

– Network of stores consisting of four outlets – in which we sell products for animal feed and poultry and milling products to the population.