“Your safety is our concern”

Responsibility regarding the health of the consumers, materialized in the offer of products manufactured in conditions of food safety, with the observance of the European norms in the field.

The company has a well-developed technical equipment , has adequate technology and is equipped with qualified personnel and specialists in the field, which leads to obtaining the best quality and nutritionally balanced products.

We enjoy the trust of a growing number of customers and are honored to be able to watch over and help improve the quality of life of our fellow human beings.

Capitalizing on the tradition of over 46 years and the professionalism of our specialists through lasting partnerships, SC COMBAVIPOR SA aims to further develop and remain a reliable partner for all its employees.

In order to rise and maintain to the European quality standards, the Combavipor company invests and modernizes permanently, eloquent examples being the Sapard project, and the implementation of quality systems.

SC COMBAVIPOR has two food safety management systems: Food Safety System Certification 22000, IFS Food.


The current standard is implemented and maintained to demonstrate the organization’s ability to make products that meet the quality and safety requirements of the food supplied.

The International Food Standard, abbreviated IFS, was originally developed in 2003 by the Handelsverband des deutschen Einzelhandels (HDE, or Association of German Retailers) for domestic brands sold by retailers in Germany and France. Version 6 of the standard is currently in force. It guarantees that the level of quality remains constant in the production chains of the food industry.

Through certification in accordance with IFS Food version 6: 2014, by the company DQS , Combavipor demonstrates to customers that the food it produces and sells meets the provisions of the most demanding legal standards, food safety and quality.

International recognition

The IFS standard is a certificate recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and is one of the most important safety standards for food quality. IFS certificates: (Mill, Galati office. Frozen, Bucharest office):

SC Combavipor SA Galati dcarries out the activity respecting the observance of all the legislative norms in force regarding the protection of the environmental factors. In this regard:

Permanently monitors the state of hygiene inside the unit;

Household waste is stored in a specially arranged space and is taken over by the local sanitation service. the provisions of GD 621/2005 are observed with the subsequent completions and modifications, regarding the management of packaging and recyclable packaging waste from the activity carried out (foil, plastic bags, paper-cardboard); the selective storage of all the generated waste is ensured, in specially arranged spaces and subsequently handed over to specialized units authorized from the point of view of environmental protection for recovery; the public is informed about the consequences of the activities and / or products on the environment.